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And the great thing is that you keep all your private information under your control.You create your profile with only the information you want to give. And then, when you are discovered by another member, you can talk, share ideas and be in contact with that person before being ready to suggest a date and committing to a strong relationship.Now there is far less of a value judgement hidden in that statement, isn’t there? Offline there are so many things you need to keep track of—your clothes, your body language, even how you smell. What’s more, sometimes your date shouts so loudly your actual words don’t manage to come over the top; in which case, what you’re trying to say gets lost in the maelstrom of ideas.When communicating online, that’s much less of a problem; you can get to know somebody for what their beliefs, morals and ideas are, before you let all that other stuff weigh in.

Here's a bit more of our story if you are interested.The lesson I learned is to screen for what you are looking for, and then do something simple for the first date like go out to eat.You have to eat anyway, so go eat, and if it doesn't work out you can move on with your life.Just send us a contact request with a short message to say a friendly “Hello” to our member via chat.Online dating is the safest way to find the right person for love and relationships.

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