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Definition of absolute dating of fossils

The cautious treatment of this topic shows the lack of consensus within the scientific community regarding the alleged ancestry of humans.When the phrase “human evolution” is used, this is probably one of the first images to pop into people’s minds.Humans did not evolve in a series of random accidents from an apelike ancestor—they were created in the image of God.The Bible makes a clear distinction between man and the animals.Despite its iconic status and widespread use, it is not based on factual evidence, but on imagination.

The Glencoe text shows a “possible” phylogenetic tree with many dashed lines (which are assumed to be questionable, even though they are not indicated as such), and one line appearing out of thin air.

Man occupies no more important a position in the universe than does an asteroid floating through space.

This notion runs contrary to the emotions of most people, but that may simply be arrogance due to our highly evolved brains.

Man is given the ability to fellowship with God and given dominion over the animals.

Evolutionary ideas about the rise of man from apes has fueled racist attitudes and set the stage for such atrocities as the Holocaust.

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Such compromise positions have ultimately undermined the authority of God’s Word; Scripture is accepted for its moral value but not for its absolute truth in every area.