Dating website to cheat on spouse dating jealous person

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Dating website to cheat on spouse

We wanted to present a portion of the article to you that touches on the author’s ideas on what it takes for a betrayed spouse to heal from cheating. It’s important to remember, healing from infidelity is a process – you cannot will yourself into healing.

It is okay if you feel angry or upset reading about the process of healing, especially if you are in the crisis stage.

It means giving credit to yourself, for overcoming the trauma.

You cannot be held responsible for how someone chooses to respond to their own feelings – you are not responsible for someone else’s choices. If you have a flaw you’re not proud of and it causes YOU disappointment, set out to change it for yourself – not for your spouse. Trauma changes us, it steels a part of our innocence and is a death to part of who we are.

Slowly, as you release yourself from trying to control the world around you, you feel a sense of relief that you are the only one you can control. When you feel anxious, depressed or stressed-out your self-talk is likely to become extreme, you’ll be more likely to expect the worst and focus on the most negative aspects of your situation.

Transform trauma into something meaningful: Depending on where you are in your healing, this statement likely makes you very angry.

We really don’t know for sure what we’re going to do.

We did want to present you with a post and with links to other posts that should be quite helpful for you though and should have some staying power, just in case you don’t hear from us until we get back. A week or so ago, one of our readers who we believe considers herself healed, passed along a very lengthy article that details the trauma that infidelity creates.

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