Dating ukrainian women scams

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Our sources in Ukraine state that girls get paid USD 0 just for coming to a free photo shoot.

They get professional and beautiful photos and also 0 cash — this is what the ads mean when stating, “An advance payment is made immediately after the registration.” It means the woman needs to undergo a photo and video shot, then her data is uploaded by the agent to the “mother” PPL site, and once it’s approved, then she is “registered” and gets the money.

Guys, it’s such an old trick: Nigerian scammers have been using it for years.

Here are 4 articles in Russian that explain what happens in these “marriage agencies”.

You may be “talking” to one of these girls though PPL sites with Ukrainian brides.

Besides, the agent can simply grab new pictures of girls from social networks.

They promise to pay young ladies “passive income” and commissions but in reality, they don’t need to share any earnings with “brides”. I got this message from a guy in response to the post titled “Hilarious ads of marriage agencies in Ukraine“. So, he thinks that there are NO red flags — except for the “broken computer” story — which happened ? You are talking to a woman who applied for a job as a “bride” in a commission-based scheme.

And you know for sure she is lying about a “broken computer” because all Ukrainian girls simply use mobile phones with lots of places where they get free Wi-Fi: Shopping centers, cafes, even on buses and trains.

This is why agents now request girls to give them names of their accounts in social networks. In the meantime, the girl may have a boyfriend and absolutely no desire to talk to single men, local or foreign.

They are written by Ukrainian journalists who went undercover to work for PPL agents and this is what they uncovered.

Those are “the agency rules” that are supposed to be complied with, as the job ads state.

We are not making it up — read these stories and then decide if it’s possible to meet an honest girl through pay-per-letter marriage agencies.) Stories like this are published by major media outlets for years.

Locally, it’s common knowledge what happens in these schemes.

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You only need to give permission for publication of your photos and also provide additional photos and videos (it affects the size of your commissions).

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