Dating stuart toy steam engines value

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Dating stuart toy steam engines value

Founded in Nuremburg by Jean Fleischmann in 1877, the production of steam toys began largely after 1945.However, Fleischmann absorbed the firm of Georg Staudt in 1928 and took over many of the Doll models in 1938.The Jensen accessories, though limited in variety were of the very best quality and many exist in significant quantities to this day.Jensen collectors have an illogical fascination with rivets..correctly referred to as "eschucheon pins", which Mr.This is a world wide community with members of all ages from Australia, Europe, North America, South Africa and other points across the globe..This includes nearly 160,000 threads and 1,388,000 posts from 94,000 members and guests on none less than 100 bulletin boards.It has taken me a few years of collecting to sort out what I really like vs. I've tried to eliminate placeholders and only keep pieces that fit the above criteria as close as possible.

I refinish mine to an equal or better degree than when they left the factory. Jensen accessories however are only in the form of generator/lamp combinations and workshop assemblies. Jensen probably thought they were trivial toys and not worth the bother, or the market was flooded with them and there was no value in being part of that.

location, and although "old world" in their manufacturing processes, they have a state of the art Jensen website worth a leisurely visit to view their currently made models, tour their one of a kind shop, see how they make their engines and meet the handful of people who ARE Jensen today.

, is a 2015 historically significant video by fellow steamer "Reddrryder", documenting the fact that a Jensen 50 engine and generator combination produced the first electricity from nuclear heated steam in 1948 at the Oak Ridge Laboratories in Tennessee.

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"The idea of using boiling water to produce mechanical motion has a long history, going back about 2,000 years.

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Complete Stevens Model Dockyard steam plant, consisting copper boiler with fittings and spirit burner and twin cylinder engine which is compounded.

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