Dating someone who is paranoid my ex is dating a whore

Posted by / 27-Feb-2020 06:23

I get accused by my wife of having no self control - and she is right.

Thankfully she has pushed me to seek help, been patient enough to see there is still some shred of hope, and has been the strong back that has weathered the storm - if our roles had been reversed...

If I ever dropped toothpaste on my shirt or something I would freak out thinking he'll think it is from sex w/ some guy.. Why in the world would someone from the family not warn an unsuspecting victim? While I am not the boyfriend of the writer, I am THAT boyfriend, or in this case, THAT husband.

He also is preparing for the end of the world that is happening. The government knows everything about everyone and they are planning on getting rid of the weak.. I also miss him when I think about the good times, but every time we get back together he starts in w/ his crazy accusations. Why is it the one that loves and cares the most for the ppd gets the worst hurt and pain from their actions? I am the one who demands to see the cell phone, and the one who checks the underwear, and the guy who follows his wife to the store and parks on the other side of the parking lot.

But the "nutso" thoughts come packaged in such seemingly justified situations, that it becomes hard to differentiate from right thoughts and wrong thoughts.

He says I shake my butt and walk slowly in front of his guy neighbors (I literally never even notice them! One day I had my period go through my pants at work and when I went home he literally made a spectacle of it outside of my apartment, because he didn't believe me..

I discovered the drinking as I watched the vodka bottle become emptier and emptier.

He told me he was angry at his ex-girlfriend and what she did to him.

I stand back and watch the unbelievably stupid things I do, and ask - who am I?

And it feels terrible, to see the pain I cause her.

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This story is the same as mine as well as so many others. My ex went off big as I was caring for my dying mother. I am THAT guy who thinks his coworkers are having meetings without him and deciding ways to exclude him. I am THAT husband that calls and calls and calls...