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Dating site in good country like portugal

The innate chivalry of Portuguese men means they will not allow a female companion to pay for a lunch or dinner. The Portuguese are friendly people and will always welcome you and try to make you feel at home.

Should you be unsure about certain customs and behaviours, your Portuguese acquaintances, friends and even business partners will gladly introduce you to their culture.

For this very reason, they take great pride in wearing quality fabrics and clothes and will invest their money in buying the best they can afford.

In Portugal, the family is the foundation of the social structure.

The Portuguese people are traditional and conservative.

They don't easily accept innovation and radical changes both in the community and the family.

As one would expect, communication tends to be more on the formal side when in public and much less so in private.

The Portuguese tend to speak quite fast and somewhat loudly.

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Individuals derive a social network and assistance from the family.