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Angel's Fruit天使の果実Despite its toxic appearance, this fruit bears a sweetness that will take you to heaven. However, they say that those who eat this fruit will be possessed by evil and fall to the dark side. Secret Wind Sword Book剣風秘帖・舞園鞘花A book documenting a certain sword technique named after "Sayaka M." The beautiful movements of this technique look like you're cutting through fluttering flower petals. Hagakure Crystal Ball葉隠流水晶A broken crystal ball held together with adhesive tape.

Even if you're a girl who doesn't stand out much, this item will help put you at the front and center.108.

The event will then happen during the next Free Time.

Obtaining Replica Sword through the Vending Machine for 50 Monocoins will trigger an opportunity for a bonus cutscene during Chapter 1 (also accessible by replaying Chapter 1 from the Chapter Select screen).

Underwear items are awarded if Hajime completes a student's Free Time Event route.

The 9 bonus items will each unlock additional cutscenes or extra gameplay modes and minigames. Jabba's Natural Saltジャバの天然塩A natural salt found on Jabberwock Island. Today we cross the towering mountains of vanity, unswayed by superficial dreams."029.

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