Dating shy nerdy guys Chat men hot

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Dating shy nerdy guys

Hopefully you won't have to put up with it too long unless you are lucky and the topic is something you are actually interested in. Seriously, coaxing a geek out of his shell can be a bit hard at first, but once he's comfortable with you, he'll stay that way. People can either participate in a conversation or they cannot.

You don't sound like you're lacking in intellect yourself, in recalling previous posts.I will answer coyly and without opening the floodgates of my mania du jour. These are often something male-dominated, specialised and somewhat 'unsocial', like chess, computer games or roleplaying. ) By contrast, nerds are aware that they don't regularly meet many new people, especially females, and don't have the confident approach of the jocks. Not everyone is outgoing, socially adept, and comfortable in light conversation, 'specially the mooks who've spent more of their lives reading books or in a lab than at the singles bar or the sports fields.If you really want to get the so-called nerdy guys to relax and open up, then they have to feel that they are on their home turf. For the quiet ones, the only way to get them to talk is to make them believe that you are actually interested. In particular, attractive females are doubly 'awe-inspiring'. That being said, if the mope continues not to respond past your patience level, and especially if he responds but only takes it as an opportunity to boast about himself and/or talk about his stuff without advancing any interest in your interests, then by all means move on. But if you've an initial interest, a little more patience/persistance/light physical violence may be in order. Maybe not a backrub (at least, not initially..kinda sends the wrong signal.) But touching the forearm or shoulder? One other thing of note (based on your TM pictures): you kind of have the Jodie Foster thing going there, and while that's not a bad thing (I mean, it's really not a bad thing) you do look a little...disapproving when you're not smiling.I can't stand just "idly sitting around and chatting", with someone new there's nothing to talk about.~ (Not my usual type, but I'd have a hard time unlocking my eyeball-tracking nonetheless.) As for advice (and as you may have already inferred, I am in your target demographic): The best thing you can do to make a geek feel comfortable is get him to talk about his favorite subject/intellectual infatuation/doctorial thesis.

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- - - I dunno if I qualify as a nerdy guy or not and I may be too much of an a$$hole to qualify as shy, but one thing I really dislike is "dead time".

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