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The local schools regularly stage lahar evacuation drills, and residents have been informed as to lahar escape routes.

Local citizens are progressing toward designing the Bridge for Kids, a walking bridge across the Carbon River that could be used for recreation and rapid evacuation up the hill toward Cascadia, Washington.

In 1861, the Whitesells were about to go back to their place after the Indian War.

The first ever recorded claims for the land in Orting were made in 1854 by William Henry Whitesell (also the first postmaster), Thomas Headley, Daniel Lane and Daniel Varner.

The median income for a household in the city was ,464, and the median income for a family was ,335.The roots were planted and found to grow well in the fertile soils of the valley. Indians came from Canada and made camp for the summer.The settlers banded together to get all the hop picked.The legal description of the site valued at ,000. During the 1914-16 period while the great World War was raging in Europe, the Home was still receiving Civil War veterans at the ratio 15 to 1, even though that conflict had ended 50 years before.The account of the ceremony that was held on July 4 at the Home did not appear in any of the record that was available. Admittees during this period number: 1 Mexican War, 16 Indian War, 407 Civil War and 43 Spanish–American War.

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Hispanic or Latino of any race were 7.2% of the population.