Dating a whiny guy

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You may be asking, “what is the meaning of the Korean word aegyo?” Korean aegyo (애교) is when somebody acts in a cute or childish way, despite not being a young child themselves.The writing is self-conscious and insecure, unable to cope with the full human experience, such as one with white male heterosexuals in it.Sadly, does a huge disservice to those whose identities it is trying to celebrate and affirm.His relationship style is entirely co-dependent, deriving his slim sense of identity from his relationship to Burnham.He offers nothing, often cries, and ends up murdering the gay doctor.No more so than the central character, the non-captain, Michael Burnham, a woman with a man’s name, adopted by mixed-species parents.

He appears physically weak, timid, camp in the tradition of C3P0, but is celebrated as an “other,” because in the alternate reality his species is at the bottom of the food chain, eaten by humans.

It is a didactic presentation of a peculiarly zeitgeist identity politics fully imagined and realized in the future.

The vision is terrifying: characters are reduced to a diversity check box, thin, not fully-realized, and robotic.

But the device reveals the central flaw of that agenda. Captain Gabriel Lorca is the “official” captain, and plays the alpha-male willing to take risks. Because it turns out he is a sociopath from another dimension who wants to be emperor in his version of reality.

(Poor Jason Isaacs cannot escape his villain type-casting, after slaughtering too many children in Lorca is replaced by a sort of walking shrimp with very thin legs and frilly gills that display his fear, Captain Saru (Doug Jones).

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If you are impressed by somebody’s aegyo, then you can say ‘귀여워요’ (gyiyowoyo) which means ‘cute’ in Korean (dictionary form: 귀엽다).

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