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Donald Harper, president of the association, began with a simple suicide attempt -- CUT TO: . CAMERA DOLLIES towards Sydney landing in a CLOSE UP of his feet on the ledge, they wobble a bit -- he jumps, disappears from FRAME. The following happens very quickly: ANGLE, looking up towards the sky... I'll shoot you in the face and end this argument and we see who's right -- NARRATOR And when the shotgun accidentaly went off, Sydney just happend to pass -- The OLDER WOMAN stumbles a bit on some furniture and the SHOTGUN goes off -- FIRES past the OLDER MAN's head -- and SMASHES the window behind him -- SYDNEY falls past and gets shot in the stomach, then falls out of FRAME -- (They're oblivious to this) OLDER MAN You CRAZY FUCKIN' BITCH WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FREEZE FRAME on the two of them yelling and screaming: NARRATOR Added to this, the two tenants turned out to be: Fay and Arthur Barringer. CUT TO: CAMERA moves through the scene as POLICEMAN and DETECTIVES question the OLDER COUPLE. NARRATOR When confronted with the charge, which took some figuring out for the officers on the scene of the crime, Fay Barringer swore that she did not know that the gun was loaded. I'm gettin' up there, though: I'm 32 years old and I'm six feet two inches tall and I weigh about 160.

A seventeen year old kid SYDNEY BARRINGER steps up on to the roof of a nine story building and looks down. FAY BARRINGER I didn't know -- I didn't know -- ARTHUR BARRINGER She always threatens me with the gun, but I don't keep it loaded -- DETECTIVE -- and you didn't load the gun? CUT TO: CAMERA moves through as OFFICERS are talking to and getting statements from VARIOUS NEIGHBORS... I'm really interested in meeting someone special who likes quiet is very stressful and I'd hope to have a relationship that is very calm and undemanding and loving -- The SOUND again of the touch-tone phone cancels Jim's description.

DISSOLVE TO: ) PROMO ANNOUNCER For over thirty years, America has hung out and answered questions with Jimmy Gator. Jimmy and a YOUNG SHOWGIRL from some other show are having sex on his couch. PROMO ANNOUNCER He's a family man who's been married for over forty years -- with two children and one grandchild on the way -- JIMMY and ROSE (50s) walk down a hallway towards a door. CUT TO: CAMERA DOLLIES in towards the televison again.

The Taco Bell website does not offer information on the executive team, board of directors or corporate information of any kind. CAMERA DOLLIES in quick as she ~norts a line of coke from her coffee table.... He's on top of her, she's below, CAMERA lands in a CLOSE UP of her face as she gets through the experience... Phil moves in next to the bed, pets Earl's head; PHIL How's today then? CAMERA moves up and past her, finds the reflection of the TELEVISON in a picture frame on her wall.... Image goes into MOTION with Sydney jumping..ARROW is drawn that displays the PATH of his fall -- NARRATOR Her accidental shotgun blast hits Sydney in the stomach as he passes the arguing sixth floor window -- Freeze Frame shows Sydney, hanging mid-air -- the glass shattering and starting to fall to the ground -- an X marks the spot where he is hit. Main title que begins, then carries over following until noted: Tit Ie Card: New Line Cinema presents Title Card: a Joanne Sellar/Ghoulardi Film Company Production Title Card: a P. Anderson picture CUT TO: CAMERA DOLLIES IN Super Quick on a flower.(time lapse,bud blooms) Freeze Frame, continue w/optical Zoom and rotate 360 degrees;total blur. Mackey, Master of the Muffin and author of the Seduce and Destroy System of audio and videocassettes that will teach you the techniques to have any hard-body blonde dripping to wet your dock! TELEVISION CLIP continues and we see DONNIE and two other KIDS receive a check from the younger JIMMY GATOR in the amount of 100,000 dollars each. SOUND of a 1-900 PERSONAL DATING SERVICE plays over following quick shots of Kurring getting ready for his day; -Jim is sipping his morning coffee, reading the paper. NARRATOR He is killed instantly but continues to fall -- only to find, three stories below -- a safety net installed three days prior for a set of window washers that would have broken his fall and saved his life if not for the hole in his stomach. Flash title card: CAMERA DOLLIES IN QUICK towards a TELEVISION in a living room. FRANK In this big game that we play it is not what you - It's What You Take. CAMERA moves INTO THE TELEVISION, QUICK DISSOLVE TO: We are in the video (paneled 1.33) sales pitch/infomercial. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in quick as Rick sits in the car, engine running, watching Stanley struggle to get himself and the backpacks in; RICK There's no reason for this many backpacks. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in on an old television set playing a clip from "What Do Kids Know? CU - Young Donnie Smith as he smiles, accepts check, shakes hands with Jimmy. CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in towards Donnie as he pulls into the parking lot in his little HONDA ACCORD. PEDESTRIAN #2 Quiz Kid Donnie, why'd you drive into the seven eleven?

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Learn how to make that lady - "friend" your sex-starving-servant. RICK Why the hell do you need all four bags of books to go to school each day? RICK I got an audition, I won't make it here 'till two, c'mon, I'll see you later. TITLE CARD reads: Quiz Kid Donnie Smith - Today DONNIE This is really don't get many people my age getting braces -- CU - Donnie opens wide and the pink gook-imprint is placed in his mouth. LEE (Asian, 40s) exit an examining room, smiling, through with their appointment... CAMERA pushes in on Donnie and some people running over to see what's happend.... CAMERA WHIPS LFT to reveal; In this nice house in Encino, a medical bed has been planted in the middle of the living room. CUT TO: CAMERA moves with Linda as she comes down the stairs, walks over towards Earl's bed, trying to hide her state.

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