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Do you want free chat, meet people, make friends, flirt for free, free dating, encounters or chat for free? 3 1881 0011 2585 1 The Stampede January 14, 1950 (Vol. |^gj^j,g an early registration has been appreciative Mi Uigan au- mg with the history of Western J ,„^^- Ami ^fit^^nt :e December 1. Canada's "Land of Evan- a Hvantn PP of this provision on , , ! This mteresting student, who before her marriage to Dr. Un- like the custom heretofore ad- Ji^sidc S Hcr G hered to, there will be no sep- arate printed sheets of the Mr. Ray E Stahl Family A REMINDER Renaissance splendor and opul- -— ■ - - - " ---- ^lear all accounts with the ence and rich commercialism- Texas and Tennessee She stop- ^^^^^^^^^ ^jfj^ before asking in fact the whole extraordinary ped for sketches of learning at ^^^ ^^ permit to take achievement of art and life in S o m mer\-iile, Massachusetts; that unique and serene city.f n 4 '^ ^ residen Ual district where teacher took care of grades one should be preserved for per- Mi Uigan College graduated from Iq Am VC Jail. Rich eleventh and twelfth grades rc- New courses catalogued in the the University of Pittsburgh, ^^osen president of MUligan Col- in history, Harrington was the quired examinations given by i Continued on Paee Three) 'Continued on Page Three) ^'^^- « expected to arrive on the English settlement of this the pro\'ince. childhood home is Yarmouth facilities were limited. Walker and family will Port, gateway to the United would have had to go fiftj- miles move into the President's Home. The surrounding coun- in order to attend a school of Complete repairs on this build- tr' was called Cap Fourchu by junior high school and high ing will bo completed by Jan- explorer Champlain in 1604. meaning forked or cloven cape, chose to go to the United States. Joe, buying land for 53.00 an acre, broke prairie day after day with his four yoke of oxen. At the proper time of year this land was sowed in wheat, and this for miles and miles furnished a view which can only be appreciated by those who have seen such a sight. — ilary Perry Clubs Dolores Burnett Sports, ..__„ Ruth O'Neill, John Surcey, Michael Kosloko Off-Campus Activities „ „._ Charles Anderson Reporters Aima Dugger, Peggy Young, Charolette Hobbs Special Features Jo Anne Greene, Claude Callaway Photographer Wi Uiam Woodward Typists Virginia Snyder, Elnora Holbrook Art ,„ ._ Randy Cooper.So the local school ^ campus 24 January, according to French-settled land, known or- had no part in testing students announcement mad© recently by iginally as Acadia. The formal inauguration of the Settled by English Puritans High School in Massachusetts President is tentatively set for from Massachusetts, these hardy Miss Purdy went to Sommer- 16 February, with a possibility pioneers braved privation and ville, a suburb of Boston, and of change in date to the 17th. Wed„ January 25 '''^^, ^'i^^^^^^' parents in the homeland. When a breeze strikes it every T7/B STAMPEDE Published By The Students of Milligan College STAMPEDE STAFF Editor . Joaquin Segarra Proof Readers - Gwendolyn Morelock.

Soldier When only eighteen years of age, there came a thrill, u Ji- known to him before — the eter- nal, enticing, captivating call to arms!hardship not unlike the Pl'm- there continued her studies. SCHEDULE OF EXAMINATIONS South Carolina for one year of End of First Semester " school. Irene Parker FWHCHf ft JO promote school spirit, good sportsmanship, and fair-play, with emphasis on Christian Education The ideal of education is the formation of moral character and the culture of the heart.She returned to Massa- Classfs Which Meet Examinations WUI Bo chusetts. This is the supreme end of education — or rather this is education itself.— Alexander Campbell as the children who waited on the bank, swim back with the object between his teeth.A great occasion for them in their simple life was when men from nearby towns came out to their hospitable home and stay- ed days at the time and hunted. and he, boy-like, long- ed for the day when he would be "big enough' 'to hunt.

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Comden, South Carolina; Bos- ton University, and the Uni- ©uth colonists in Massachusetts, versity of Texas. schedule The Stampede pub- and two children recently mov- 1500 as imagined from the air Mary's experiences, which w.-ith their stone fences, are lishcs the class list for the con- ed on the campus. Stahl by a Renaissance artist, with the would grace the pages of any considered to resemble Scottish venience of students.