Carbon dating leather

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Carbon dating leather

[edit on 25-4-2005 by Byrd] Seriously, if we are to just dismiss possible exceptions of a rule, say using the exception proves the rule theory, you'll be able to get science to completely stagnate with current theory and never go as far as it could.

Y'all want to keep religion out of politics, but what about keeping politics out of science? I find it interesting that Byrd says what people want to hear, and no one even questions where it came from. Is something you know that will challenge Byrd post?

the question is how much do we realy know about the formation of the earth? this type of find should have been front page news, but why wasn't it? even experiments can be squewed by the very fact that someone is trying to prove something. sometimes results are ignored because "something was wrong" with the experiment.

as for learning in school that fossiles take millions of years to form, yup that was what i was taught.In fact a couple years back I found a dog femur fossilized when lake St. Actually, It does take a fairly long amount of time to have something "Fossilized in rock" which is what I think you are getting at. This is gonna turn into one of those threads where all the bible nutjobs come out to play. It can only take a short time to fossilize, sure, but to get set in stone that is millions of years old is a different thing.Thats how they measure the age (partly, anyway) by seeing where it is in the rock layer.i could call you a nutjob just for jumping to that conclusion.perhaps you should not name call, it realy makes you look pathetic.

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The fact that some materials can fossilize rapidly under certain circumstances is well known by experts in the field and is not really a scientific issue.

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