Cancer survivors and dating

Posted by / 15-Nov-2019 17:30

Patients may also benefit from talking to a specialist to help address any complex issues surrounding their sexual health.Disclosure The decision to disclose one's cancer diagnosis is very personal, as are the questions of when to do so and how.Cancer Care provides free counseling with licensed oncology social workers who can help connect patients to other resources in their community.Individual counseling allows patients the opportunity to address all the complexities and challenges that dating poses following a cancer diagnosis.Attending a support group that offers them the opportunity to share their experiences with others in a similar situation can offer validation that they are not alone.

The same can be said for those not in relationships and are looking to begin dating.

Although friends and family can be a good source of support, they are only the beginning.

Encourage patients to seek professional support as well.

Dating may be the furthest thing from the minds of people coping with a cancer diagnosis.

But for many, it is the challenges of dating that are at the forefront. How do I tell the person I am with that I have cancer? The list is never-ending and the complexity of feelings that arise can be overwhelming.

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Fatigue, pain, decreased libido, and emotional sensitivity are just a few of the struggles patients may identify.