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Canadian girls dating

From educators and activists alarmed over the Ontario government cancelling an update to Indigenous content in the classroom; to highlights from our town hall in Montreal examining race in Canada - one of three in our series, Facing Race ... The soccer team rescued from a cave in Thailand have a long recovery ahead of them, but there may be lessons to learn from the case of the Chilean miners, who were tapped underground for 69 days in 2010.

Greyhound bus service in much of Western Canada is about to become history.

After being trapped at home for months on end, the Invictus Games gave him a new goal in life.

We also examine racial disparities in employment, and speak to people who say their lives are impacted by racial bias.Its people are proud of its multicultural society and technological development but especially about the fact that they can hold their own even as the neighbor of a larger country like USA.So if you are heading north in search of socializing opportunities, here are a few things you can keep in mind about Canadian women.From whether it's fair to use the term "treason" in reference to U. President Donald Trump after his meeting in Helsinki; to an update on an investigation that revealed the Canadian military knew about allegations of detainee abuse aboard U. The federal government is facing political pressure from the opposition who want to see a long-term plan to address the steady influx of asylum seekers - including a call to scrap the Safe Third Country Agreement. From political pressure on the government to do more for asylum seekers; to the U. Justice Department's reopening of the Emmett Till case; to a former DNC chair Donna Brazille on a "campaign by the Russians to destroy the Democratic Party" ...Former Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile says she walked into a "huge mess" during the 2016 campaign and believes the Russians "took active measures to destabilize" U. This is The Current with guest host, Duncan Mc Cue.

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This is The Current, with guest host Duncan Mc Cue. Justice Department's review of the 1955 killing of black teenager Emmett Till is being regarded with suspicion by some activists.