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I was listening to the excellent Robert Craven the other day on the Google Partners Podcast and it occurred to me that it must be a real challenge for a company or brand, to find a digital agency.There is quite simply a plethora of agencies out there and to complicate matters still, they all focus or major in different disciplines, all claiming to be ‘the best’ or ‘leaders’ in their field. Prior to this I worked at two search engines, helping both agencies and clients get found online, and I continue to help clients achieve this today. A digital agency is the umbrella term given to organisations that deliver services ranging from web design through to Paid Search (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).This was the green-light call, I was certain of that. First, only guarantee the strategic portion of the engagement.

Second, you have to require the involvement of the principal. This should feel like a handshake deal, not like one where the lawyers have to redline every clause. Then we can decide to proceed, or we can decide to stop, or we can decide to stop and I’ll give you your money back.” This fifth point is not strictly necessary, but it’s a more realistic representation of the possible futures than just: “You get your money back or you don’t.” When it comes to making the offer itself, here are some tips: That’s okay. We recently wrapped up the strategic engagement portion of the project with Sue.

From creative thinking and strategy through to execution and management, well admired agencies can deliver both resource and fantastic return on investment (ROI). You work in an industry or sector where you have competition. Whether you are selling to consumers or businesses direct, the need to understand the lead time and business process of your company as well as the competion and where you sit in the venn diagram of your industry are all basic first steps of good digital agency practice. Branding Messaging Logo design and development These are referred to as full-service digital agencies and in many cases can be the larger agencies.

The questions you are asked by your prospective digital agency will determine whether the agency is the right fit for you. This agency model is going through a seismic shift as many clients may be paying for a suite of services that they will never use or simply do not even need.

The full service agency model, when analysed deeper – one can normally see a shift toward a certain service.

This means the agency at one point specialised in a discipline and then augmented services or bought companies to align disciplines. More than likely, to win new business or keep existing business.

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The importance of digital agencies So, knowing what we know, it is also vitally important to point out the incredible value great agencies add to their clients.

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