Brian molko dating

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Brian molko dating

When Placebo first appeared, several journalists weren't quite convinced by Brian. He was cold and he felt like an actor -- more former drama student than drama queen. Which either means he's a better actor or that he's just being himself.

That was our reputation."And what did the young Stefan Olsdal make of that flaming Molko creature? For it was there, in 1993, that Brian accidentally bumped into Stefan. I wasn't sure I was going to be comfortable defending myself being gay.

"I think you grow up learning to play the game," Stefan stuttered, "Some things are too personal and too precious to give away...

sometimes I just want the music to say more about what we're like as people.

And Placebo -- ace band of the Nineties -- was born. It wasn't a sensitive issue, it was about letting Stefan do what he wanted. But I also now feel better about myself if I talk about what I feel. I can find myself biting my tongue sometimes, but I'd rather now just say it and bring it out into the open."No, it's just I have quite low self-esteem.

Stefan had a guitar strapped to his back, so they both got talking about music. Let him come out when he felt ready."It must have been a bit strange for you, Stefan, listening to people ask Brian all these questions about sexuality and staying shtum. 'Cause I didn't really feel I had the right to put my troubles on to anyone else. Or, as I prefer to phrase it, Stefan's very, very long.

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In retrospect, that first interview with Placebo was hilarious. No one had suspected, then, that the band's gangling bleached-bomb bombshell bassist Stefan Olsdal was gay.

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