Blind dating wiki

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The news quickly stuns Magna as he also learns that Charmy Pappitson is of higher rank than him.

Subsequently, Asta begins to show his worry over Fuegoleon Vermillion to his captain.

At that moment, Asta reveals his recent promotion to them, but both Magna and Luck fail to comprehend the significance of it.

I claimed eighteen victims in my spree around the New York City metropolitan area.

A while later, the Black Bull Knights arrive at a restaurant where they meet three beautiful ladies.

Finral then takes the initiative and introduces himself by taking a flower from a portal, which quickly grabs the ladies' interest. Luck Voltia and Asta then introduce themselves, but they fail to give good first impressions.

The young Knight's act quickly prompts Rebecca to take him out of the restaurant into an alley, where Asta apologizes for his act.

Rebecca forgives him and subsequently asks whether Asta has someone of romantic interest.

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