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Are you dating and wondering if your relationship is ready for marriage?

And it helps you get to know the person you’re dating at a deeper level. There’s a side to the person you’re dating that will only come out around other people. Whatever it is may be beautiful or it may be ugly, but it’s hidden from you as long as your relationship exists in isolation. The possibility of marriage hangs in the air whenever Christians date. But it can feel uncomfortable to talk about this when you’re dating. You don’t want things to get too serious too quickly.

When you read an entire book, you understand the context of the verses, and study it in the way it was originally meant to be learned.

Our Bible studies on whole books of the Bible are our most popular studies.

This eight-session course shares lessons from Joshua on how to live a life of extraordinary faith.

The Book of Job is not only the direct word of God but also a great literary masterpiece. But the path to true happiness is far different than people think.

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These devotionals are perfect for reading on your own, but you can use them as the basis for discussion with a significant other.

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