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He is still at hospital under observation due to afib In the past 10 years Ronald Weinland has announced 4 dates for the return of Jesus Christ, made many rambling and contradictory prophetic statements, and been imprisoned for 3½ years for failing to pay tax on millions of dollars of church funds that he and his wife spent on themselves and their family.In a The Two Witnesses (Ronald Weinland and his wife Laura) would begin prophesying for 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth – Rev.11:3.(He has never prophesied clothed in sackcloth, and Laura has always been a Nuclear explosions would devastate the USA within 45-90 days of the 1st trumpet.When asked by James Whale what he would do if none of this were to happen, he responded: “If things do not happen by mid-June, very clearly so, I will make it very clear that I was a false prophet, and I will never preach again.” The blowing of the 1st trumpet of the 7th seal was put back to December 2008, because God revealed to him that Jesus Christ would not return until Pentecost 2012, which was then delayed to Pentecost 2013.We must have the mindset that whatever God says, we will do.That will bring the most wonderful reward you could possibly receive!

We all have to do things we would rather not do; that is good for us!

They were taken to a local clinic and diagnosed with severe case of cholera.

None were given any medication though; (the school apparently didn’t want to disperse any funds, or be responsible for any bills); one student died within hours.

First off, I am NOT looking for a relationship, I am looking for pleasure, thats all. :) I am not looking for anything in particular, and am open to anything that may happen in the future, whether that be simple chat, sexy emails, pic swapping and cam chat, and poss...

Never get discouraged when gay cruising, stay persistent and maintain trying and in time you'll meet someone looking for enjoyable.

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One of the easiest ways to relieve some stress is to go gay cruising and meet a person else who is just looking for fun.

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