Bahamas dating customs

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Attending a local festival is a great way to learn about the people of the Bahamas, enjoy some local fare, listen to live music, and just plain have fun.

Junkanoo began as a celebration of freedom by African slaves in the Bahamas who were given a few days off around Christmas time.

A number of islands fronting the Atlantic have a range or series of ranges of hills on the northeastern side that parallel the longer axes of the islands.

These ranges are formed of sand washed ashore and blown inland by the trade winds.

It was there that Christopher Columbus made his original landfall in the Americas.

The subsequent fate of the peaceful original inhabitants remains one of the more tragic episodes in the development of the entire region, while the early attempts at European-dominated settlement were marked by intense national rivalries, interspersed with long periods of lawlessness and piracy.

The continued popularity of the islands with tourists, largely from North America, has helped to maintain a relatively high standard of living among the population, most of whom are of African descent.

The capital, Lying to the north of Cuba and Hispaniola, the archipelago comprises nearly 700 islands and cays, only about 30 of which are inhabited, and more than 2,000 low, barren rock formations.

There are no rivers, but several islands—particularly New Providence, San Salvador (63 square miles [163 square km]), and Great Inagua—have large lakes.

Bahamas International Film Festival The goal of the Bahamas International Film Festival is to inspire local filmmakers, and showcase their works.

The event has taken place each year in December, and drawn such famous names to the islands as Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage.

Those left on shore can browse booths filled with locally made dish ware.

Staniel Cay New Years Day Cruising Regatta Another regatta takes place on New Years Day in the Bahamas, but this time in Exuma, and this time participants are visiting crafts rather than local.

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Nassau Classic Car Festival Classic cars are paraded through the streets of Nassau/Paradise Island for all to sea early each January.