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Backdating dla

Only the high rate mobility component or the care component are available as under 5's at this time are unable to claim the low rate mobility component........................................................................................ Seek Advice first though as you might lose more than this from your on-going Child and Working Tax Creditsawards if you have these. As long as you continue to meet the qualifying conditions then your entitlement should continue.You should also be claiming Carer Allowance if your income allows? You should have your benefits checked as you could possibly now have a claim for Working Tax Credits depending on your household income.In December 2014 i was told to i had to apply for PIP as there had been a change in my care needs, at that time i was on DLA for my car only and receive no other benefits.Moving forward a few months all be it 9 months later and numerous delays they have decided that i am allowed PIP higher for motability ie my car and standard rate care.

You will continue to receive DLA while awaiting a decision for PIP.

The same thing happened in my case when I was transferred to PIP from DLA after reporting a change of circumstances.

This isn't anything new, it's always been this way for those moving to PIP from DLA.

When you were assessed for DLA, the award was given for your circumstances at the time.

A lot of people, whether changing from DLA to PIP, or reporting a change of circs have been misled in thinking if they get a higher award on PIP, that it will be backdated.

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all well i thought as there should be a back-payment to when the forms were handed in complete in December.

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