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Are mandating

In this case, the makers of the vaccines are obviously going to benefit if their product is mandated by use of all children the age of 12-26 years old.

Similar to when Texas Governor Perry passed the law to mandate the HPV shot shortly after Merck contributed 00 dollars to his campaign (amongst other ties to Merck); in California, Merck donated , 500 to legislators voting on AB 499 according to Cal Watch Dog.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) school vaccine requirements are determined by individual states, a right which might be revoked now that states are mandated to enforce individuals to purchase insurance per the Federal government.

In most states insurance is mandated to cover this vaccine and there are numerous state and federal programs for those who do not have insurance.

With all the side effects and even deaths from this shot, why wouldn’t politicians put those tax dollars to use providing un/under-insured women access to pap smears, a screening test that can catch HPV before it develops into cancer far enough in advance that fairly simple steps can be taken to stop cancer before it even develops?

In May 2007, state legislators introduced and passed the bill H. To see what legislation related to the HPV vaccines and information has been introduced to your state, see NCSL’s chart here.

Can it get worse than mandating parents to give their kids a vaccine that causes severe side effects and does nothing more than an annual pap can do to prevent cervical cancer? On January 1, 2012, California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill AB 499 into law.

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In 2006, the Michigan Senate was the first to introduce legislation (S.