Arc error while updating

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Arc error while updating

Inspired by one of our previous games, ARC Squadron, 'Starbase ARC,' is an octagonal, semi-standard stadium that orbits a huge (but familiar) desert planet where epic space battles are waged in the background and hulking celestial bodies drift about in the vastness of outerspace.

Arc Infrastructure : Welcome to Arc Infrastructure electronic procurement and tendering web pages, which has been designed to improve the speed and efficiency for both Brookfield Rail and our suppliers.

One of the story arcs had an error identical to the second one you posted.However, when I set up a new install and only dropped in the config.ini, the story arc was able to add without issue. I also set up a new install and dropped in the and and it still did it.However, when I set up a new install and only dropped in the config.ini, the story arc was able to add without issue.The module error looks like a simple copy paste error that never got corrected.There was a bunch of PR's that went into development over the last week or so, and I never fully tested against them so it's quite possible that one introduced something unintended, or even that the error was there prior to the PR's.

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When searching for watchlist matches it just says error in a red box in the bottom right, and in the browser console it says, I tried both and it didn't change anything.

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