Adult dating sites that don t have hidden charges Dirty free facetime chat

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Adult dating sites that don t have hidden charges

Got bombarded with 'views' and 'matches' who were totally opposite to my search and filter criteria, advanced education, no smoking, or they resided 100 miles away. You have to buy "coins" to connect with anyone where there might be potential.Kept receiving the same pics/matches that I showed no interest in, over and over. Truthfully, online dating is mostly people who like to look, but have no intention of buying, but Zoosk is the absolute worst.How do I know this to be true, because I emailed a guy and asked him, “Are you shy? And youre not going to hear from anyone because the site is as phony as a 3 dollar bill!!! I'm sure they'd have found him if he owed them money. Almost all of the sites are like this, so - women AND men - do your due diligence unless with one of the few sites that actually take that one important step to have an ethical business.” And, “How many times did you view me.” Response 1 time! Yep, it's just another bogus dating site, meant to steal your money and give you one bogus picture after the other to look at. Find a good bar with live music and stay away from this farce of a dating site. Many profiles contained the same generic verbiage and it immediately became clear they were scripted and computer generated. Went into my account this afternoon and there were pictures of a woman other than myself on my profile. This person was communicating with gentlemen using my account and it was obviously intended to scam money from men. They CLOSED my account without replying to my email. I signed up for Zoosk and had been communicating with a gentleman who I was very interested in.Zoosk seemed to match me with profiles of females I would NOT date. Once you've paid for a membership, you shouldn't have to give them more money to get membership benefits. Just to add to all the comments already written, they make it nearly impossible to cancel your subscription so it doesn't renew.Sent messages to persons that “viewed” my profile I was interested in, they never responded. I'm still trying to figure it out with the help of Apple customer service.

I love you all and want the best for you and feel free to reply your thoughts even if they go against mine.

Problem is they brought their behavior to other sites. So if you are a single woman today and you are looking to meet someone to get to know Zoosk is NOT the place. So you spend most of your time blocking (not interested) because Zoosk just randomly sends views to your profile. I signed up for Zoosk because it is rated as the top dating site. This is some of the worst software I have seen that is being sold as a working product. Zoosk is quick to take subscription money but seems not at all concerned about protecting customers. And, you know, it costs 28$ a month to as many background checks as needed.

Yes, you can fill out the lengthy questioner as to what you are looking for in a prospective mate. And if someone actually does view you, Zoosk just keeps sending views by the person who really only views you once! Aside from the hours I'd spent trying to get through to customer service in connection to a sex offender who is on their site (I finally had to call new subscriptions to get through to someone), I gave them all the info they could have needed to get this person off their site, and had many different reasons as to why they couldn't find him. Why can't a multi-million dollar business not only not be able to find someone who could be a danger to its customers, but find it too much to spend pennies to do what's right?

My Spectrum Singles membership ended in September and I lost access to the extra parts of the website (posting on forums, sending messages to other members, etc).

It was actually a few days before my membership was due to end (so technically I paid for several days of service that I never received).

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