Accommodating workplace injuries

Posted by / 29-Dec-2019 17:43

Accommodating workplace injuries

In 2015, the Supreme Court of Jamaica awarded a worker million against his employers for their failure to provide a safe place of work when his hand got stuck in a machine and he lost four fingers.

The purpose of the consummate employer’s business is not only to make a profit, and as the "boss" there are several challenges he may face on the road to wealth creation, not the least of which are lawsuits.

He used his hand to clear an obstruction in the machine.

The worker said he was allowed to use his hands on occasions to fix the bags when they got stuck in the machine.

The consummate employer has a duty to institute a system, whether through notices, reminders, training sessions or warnings, to ensure the use of the equipment.

The consummate employer should take steps to eradicate obviously dangerous practices, such as clearing foreign objects from a bag juice-making machine.

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With excessive lifting, or a sudden fall, a disc can rupture.